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Safe Sports for People with Back Pain

When you suffer from back pain, you may feel that you can no longer be active in sports. However, you may just need to find other low impact sports. The lower impact sports will decrease potential pain due to less jarring of the spine.

Some low impact sports include swimming, Tai Chi and water aerobics. These sports keep you active and allow you to continue exercising without the pain.


Swimming is not only great exercise, but it is also good for those with back pain. When you swim, you strengthen your core, arm and leg muscles. The water provides both the resistance you need to work your muscles and buoyancy that does not jar your back.

Just like with any exercise, you need to check with your doctor for any restrictions. Your doctor may tell you to not to do certain swimming strokes because of the twisting of your hips and spine. The twisting may aggravate your back and cause you pain.

Tai Chi

Some martial arts require different types of impact on your body because of the throws and falls. Tai Chi is one form of martial arts that is low impact. Tai Chi teaches you how to focus your mind through meditation and breathing while performing hand and foot techniques. You will learn to move your body through various pushing and pulling actions.

The movements in Tai Chi stretch and relax your muscles. Stretching is an important part of exercising because it warms the muscles and makes them stronger. Tai Chi does not require jumping or contact with others, so it will not add to your back pain.

Water Aerobics

The use of water in exercise helps reduce the impact normally felt on the ground. Adding aerobics to water removes much of the hard impact felt on your body. You use the water’s resistance to take the place of weights and bands used in normal aerobics classes.

Combining Sports and Other Treatments

If you want the maximum benefit, you can combine your low impact sports with other treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine and chiropractic therapy. If you would like more information on other treatments, visit Access to Health and like us on Facebook.

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