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Bodies in Motion, Stay in Motion

Unfortunately, with all the events going on today the majority of people are simply not getting enough exercise. We spend a lot of the time at home and for those of now working at home, we are at desks, bent over computers and looking down at our phones. These stagnant behaviors,  are “relatively new” and can take a toll on the body. Many body ache complaints begin with the neck and back. Our lifestyles are not doing us any favors as bodies in motion, stay in motion.

Previously, folks had to maintain some sort of normal physical exertion to maintain their way of life. Today with the COVID Epidemic we are seeing more and more people suffering from muscle atrophy. We are just not getting enough natural exercise during our daily activities.

Moving around is essential in maintaining our health from a variety of perspectives. Our bodies need to move to be healthy and function properly. Our joints and muscles are meant to be used. The more sedentary we are, the worse off our bodies can feel.

What Can Happen if We Do Not Move Enough
You may experience these problems with a sedentary lifestyle:

More aches and pains.
Your back and neck can get stiff if you do not exercise them. It is important to stretch these out and assess how you feel regularly. There is something making you feel this way.

Structural degeneration.
The spine itself may have problems. This can happen if a disc thins between the vertebrae or if there are bone spurs.

How to Maintain Proper Chiropractic Health
These things will help keep your body in better working condition:

Move more.
Movement is key in keeping our bodies working properly. The spine is made up of both slightly moveable and freely moveable joints. The freely moveable facet joints allow our spines twist and bend. They are surrounded by a membrane that produces fluid. The fluid needs to be routinely replenished, which is done through movement.

Try yoga.
Yoga is an effective way to move and stretch your whole body. It also helps improve body awareness, so you can monitor any imbalances.

Maintain a healthy weight.
Carrying extra weight puts more pressure on your joints. It may also hurt your spine.

Change behaviors.
Adjust any behaviors that could be adding extra stress to your joints. Reduce time on the computer and phone if possible.

Get your spinal joint movement assessed by a chiropractor.
Joint restrictions can cause many problems over time. Getting an evaluation done by a professional will help you find these issues. Setting up a treatment plan can help as well.

Take the necessary steps now to make sure your body remains in good shape as you get older. Get yourself moving and you will reap the benefits. Our team is here to assist you. If you are feeling pain that is limiting you from getting the exercise you need, please schedule a consultation today. 

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