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Shoveling Snow Tips

Shoveling Snow Tips

Shoveling Snow Tips

As snowfall is increasing, back injuries are on the rise as well. That’s no coincidence. 


The activity of shoveling snow can exacerbate your existing problems or even create new back problems that you’ll have to deal with. The injuries stemming from the action itself, but unfortunately, shoveling snow can’t be avoided. So, what can you do to minimize the risk? 


There are several ways of preventing these injuries, and most of them involve having the proper equipment and technique. We’ll go over all of that during this article, so you don’t end up struggling after you finish shoveling the driveway. 


Do a Proper Warm-Up

It’s a simple step that is not given the attention it deserves. Medical professionals advise their patients to do a warm-up before physical exercise of any type for a good reason. 


When you don’t give your muscles the proper time to acclimate to the exercise they’re about to experience, they can end up pulled too tightly, causing pain.


A quick warm-up like walking around that house or some stretches will give your muscles the wake-up call they need. 


Get The Right Equipment

There’s no need to stick with the old shovel that you have in the garage, and it’s certainly not advised. There’s proper equipment for shoveling snow around every corner now, and you need to invest in one. The ergonomically designed shovels are lightweight plastic, so you won’t need to lift a heavy shovel with snow on top.


Use items like that, and you’ll be able to see why they’re so important.  


Never Lift With Your Back

People say this so often because it’s important to remember. It would be best if you never lifted with your back, whether you think it’s heavy or not. Lifting with your back could cause several issues that may lead to severe pain and lasting problems. 


Instead, lift with your knees. It’s advised to lift with your knees because it relieves the pressure you put on your back. So bend down, keep your back in form, and lift with your legs. 


When You’re Done

It’s time to relax once you’re done. Give your body the time that it needs to recover and settle back in. 


If you end up hurting your back or have the lasting effects of a previous back injury from shoveling, make an appointment with Access to Health. Our chiropractic professionals have the skills to fix that aggravating back problem. 

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