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Naturopathy and Pregnancy: The Benefits for Mother & Child

PregnancyFrom the moment the test confirms pregnancy, mothers strive to provide the best for their children. Prenatal care becomes vital in this capacity. Naturopathy offers an alternative medical philosophy which integrates safe, natural practices for mother and child.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on general health and prevention. In treating illness with this type of medicine, practitioners look for the source of the malady rather than addressing mere symptoms. Also, holistic care is integral to this practice as naturopathic doctors consider and treat the whole body.

As the name indicates, this method employs natural treatments to support natural body processes. This support leads to the body healing itself, a foundational understanding of naturopathy. Naturopaths promote health through diet, exercise, a balanced lifestyle and natural treatments such as homeopathy, herbal therapies and massage. Education, strengthening and cleansing the body, and non-invasive treatments represent this practice. 

Ideally, naturopathic doctors work with mothers before pregnancy. Lifestyle issues of nutrition and exercise before pregnancy lay the groundwork for healthy baby development and the parent’s well-being. However, Naturopathy remains a viable option for mothers at the point of gestation as well.

Nutrition education and change are vital to Naturopathy. A mother and baby’s health rely on not only the nutritional sources provided but also the understanding of your family’s genetic history. Naturopathic doctors recommend and support parents in eliminating refined sugar, avoiding pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals, choosing organic vegetables, fruits, and grains, and rounding off an ideal diet with plenty of omega-3 rich foods. These diet changes, in addition to consistent thyroid level monitoring, promote a healthy development and energy of the baby as well as health in the mother.

Exercise therapy recommended by naturopathic practitioners benefits the parent with weight control and fitness. This therapy boosts benefits throughout pregnancy and beyond. Yoga, meditation, and positive visualization are practices to help in stress management and sleep promotion. Stress and sleep issues can significantly affect mother and child in negative ways.

Massage techniques are employed by naturopathic doctors to relieve discomfort and decrease stress associated with pregnancy. These techniques also lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to internal organs, including the baby. Less pain and relieved stress equate to elevated moods for moms and development boosting natural chemicals for baby.

Acupressure and acupuncture boast positive results for mother and child as well. Through acupressure, naturopathic doctors treat morning sickness promoting greater nutrition for the baby and improved well-being for the mother. Acupuncture relieves pain during pregnancy and delivery without adverse effects.

While the term natural tends to equate with safe and harmless, patients must be advised that certain aspects of naturopathic remedies may not be suitable for everyone. As with all forms of medicine, being under the care of a qualified physician is essential. A trained naturopathic doctor working with a patient’s medical team provides the greatest benefits and safest care for mother and child. 

If you’d wish to learn more about how naturopathic medicine can benefit mother and child during pregnancy, contact our office to schedule an appointment with our Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Whitton N.D.

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