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Category Archives: Chiropractic Care


Jul 2022

Chiropractic Care and Swimming: The Duo for Good Physical Health

Did you know that lower back pain is the second most common reason why Americans visit physicians in the US? However, many people are seeking natural, drug-free solutions for managing their pain. Chiropractic care is one popular option that offers a more holistic approa

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May 2022

Improve Your Golf Game with Chiropractic Care

We are in great golfing weather, and it is time to clean off your clubs and head to the course. People are often worried about their spinal health when it comes to golf, as it can put a lot of strain on one’s back. Sometimes golfers are not aware that their spine and

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Apr 2021

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation of the body to help relieve pain and set the body into realignment. If you have muscle or joint pain, or still suffer pain from an old injury, then you may have heard of the benefits of receiving chiropractic care. Keep readin

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Jan 2021

Why to Have Chiropractic Care in the Winter

During the winter, many of us experience health challenges that impact our lives. Cold and flu season, harsh weather, and seasonal depression all attempt to prevent us from feeling our best. Thankfully, chiropractic care offers significant relief. Here are some reasons

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Apr 2020

Four Main Benefits of Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

There is so much to consider when you are the victim of an automobile accident. The last thing you need is to suffer from the residual pain or effects of injuries that are not properly treated. You want expert help in assessing and addressing your physical well being. C

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Apr 2019

Return To Spring Sports – The Right Way!

You know the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” Unfortunately, spring can also be a time for sports injuries if you don’t ease into those new outdoor activities after taking the winter off. If you’ve been hibernating all winter without significant physica

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Jan 2019

How to Have a Good Posture

How many times did your mom tell you, “Sit up straight!” or “Don’t slouch”. She was doing you a favor by trying to ensure your good posture. Far too often, though, as adults, we slip back into all those bad habits that can lead to poor posture. Let’s explore

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Oct 2018

Backpack Injury Prevention: Keep your Kids’ Backs Healthy

School has started once again, and backpacks are full of books, lunches and school supplies. When choosing a backpack, kids want the coolest colors and designs, which is great, but parents should keep an eye on backpack safety. Your child wears a backpack day in and day

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Mar 2018

How Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Trigger Points

Many patients who seek out chiropractic care do so to relieve pain in their back, shoulders, arms, and legs. While regular chiropractic adjustments can help relieve pain caused by misalignment, they can also help deal with a more pervasive pain inducing problem: trigger

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Jan 2018

Treatments for Scoliosis That Can Prevent the Need for Surgery

It can be difficult to manage scoliosis, a spinal condition that can cause pain and discomfort, unless you take action. Many people have to resort to having surgery to correct their scoliosis. However, stopping it before it gets to that point by following some doctor re

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