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4 Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic MedicineNaturopathic medicine has long been seen as a holistic approach to treating illness and disorders of all kinds. Naturopathic healing involves combining different approaches in both modern medicine and traditional healing methods, from acupuncture to herbal medicine to nutrition. Naturopathic physicians are devoted to helping their patients while minimizing the side effects of prescription drugs or surgery.

One of the central tenets of Naturopathic medicine is a belief in treating the whole person, or increasing a person’s general well-being in order to treat a root cause of a disease or disorder. As a result, naturopathic medicine is often invigorating, providing a person with energy that they previously lacked, all through natural means.

The benefits of naturopathic medicine include, but are not limited to, the following: 

1. Treatment of disorders

Many of the common ailments treated by traditional medicine can also be treated holistically by a Naturopathic physician. Some of the most common types of disorders treated using naturopathic medicine are digestive disorders, allergies, headaches and common colds. Skin conditions may also be treated such as eczema and psoriasis. There are several holistic approaches to treating mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Nutrition, another part of the naturopathic process, is also a key part of managing your symptoms. 

2. Sleeping aid

If you are experiencing insomnia or other sleep disorders, naturopathic medicine offers a solution. Rather than taking sleep aids in the form of prescription drugs, you can use many of the herbal treatments offered or can engage in a nutritional regimen that will ultimately help you to sleep better.

3. Disease prevention

The most effective way to combat disease is to prevent it from developing in the first place, and that is one of the central aims of naturopathic medicine. Disease prevention is at the forefront of the field, and proper nutrition is simply one of the many ways to gain a healthy body and a healthy immune system.

4. Alternative Therapies

There are many treatment options in Naturopathic medicine. An ND can employ the use of supplements and herbs, botanical remedies, homeopathy, perform reiki and acupuncture, or use a combination of these treatment options. Nutritional counseling is also often used along with these therapies.

If you are looking to incorporate naturopathic medicine into your overall health plan, contact Dr. Whitton, our dedicated naturopathic physician at Access to Health for a consultation today.

Comment below to share your story of health success obtained from living a naturopathic lifestyle.

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