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Chiropractic Care: The Secret Weapon for CrossFit Athletes


CrossFit and chiropractic treatment make a great team. CrossFit is a high-intensity workout combining cardio, weight lifting, core training and gymnastics. Like any other sport, CrossFit must be done properly to avoid injury. Even when done properly there are some common conditions crossfitters may suffer from including pressure on the lumbar spine, sacrum problems and disc problems due to repetition. It’s not uncommon for crossfitters to have spinal misalignment. This is a condition where a vertebra misaligns and puts stress on the surrounding nerves. This added pressure reduces efficiency and body reaction time during CrossFit workout regimens. It may not cause pain right away, but does lead to improper posture and restricted range of motion which inhibit a good CrossFit workout.

Regular chiropractic care can be tailored to treat the joints, muscles and nerves that are used during a CrossFit workout. When these body components aren’t in balance, you’re more disposed to injury and don’t reap the benefits of a good workout.

Combining CrossFit and chiropractic care is the best way to reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance. Chiropractic and CrossFit are both lifestyle philosophies that share a common goal – optimizing the body’s full potential. Chiropractic adjustments are just a part of the health and wellness that CrossFit promotes. Studies have been done on crossfitters who have regular chiropractic care and those crossfitters who do not participate in chiropractic care. After six weeks, those without chiropractic care improved performance by 1 percent while those who had regular chiropractic care improved a whopping 18 percent! After 12 weeks of regular chiropractic treatments, CrossFit athletes improved performance by 30 percent. Without a doubt, chiropractic care is the secret weapon for crossfitters.

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