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Natural Remedies For Ear Infections

Ear infections are very common in children. The standard course of treatment is antibiotics. Most children have multiple ear infections during childhood, and many parents are uncomfortable with their child taking multiple rounds of antibiotics. These parents are seeking natural remedies for ear infections, but what works?


Chiropractors can actually perform adjustments to open the inner ear so that it drains properly. Once the ear drains and the pressure is relieved, the infection will go away. An ear infection is an infected middle ear. It is a very common infection in children. Viruses or other germs can get inside the ear and cause a fluid buildup that is very painful. The child may have trouble hearing and often has fever as well. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot “catch” an ear infection through the spread of a virus as you would catch a cold.


A Drug-Free Alternative

Chiropractic care is a drug-free alternative and is one of the best natural remedies for ear infections. More and more parents are turning to chiropractic treatment because it provides faster relief and is a much safer form of treatment than prescription drugs. Furthermore, chiropractic care has no side effects, other than some light soreness in some cases. Contrast that with the side effects from antibiotics and you will see why chiropractic care is catching on.


In a recent study that compared ear infection treatment with medications versus chiropractic care, the overwhelming majority of ear infections improved in less than two weeks. About half of those cases improved with only one or two chiropractic treatments. More serious ear infections required more than two treatments.


In very young children, the key is to treat the issue with as little medical intervention as possible. Chiropractic at its core is about restoring normal body function. We make adjustments that allow the ear’s Eustachian tube to properly drain. Our adjustments also restore proper nerve function to the spine and as such, your child’s body is better able to overcome the infection on his or her own.


Rethink Surgery

When a child has repeated ear infections, the pediatrician will most certainly recommend the traditional standard of care, which is surgery to install tubes to naturally drain the ear. We see many parents who are seeking natural remedies for ear infections and want to try chiropractic, even as a last resort, before subjecting their child to surgery. Many are amazed at the improvement they see in the child in just one or two visits.


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