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Prevent Back Pain While Working From Home

According to a recent article, about 31 percent of people who worked in the office in March 2020 switched to working from home by April. Even before that date, the number of people working remotely was increasing.

With more and more people working from home, people are experiencing more back pain. At home, you may not have the same ergonomic work setup. You may not even follow the best routines to keep your back in good shape. However, there are ways you can prevent back pain while working from home.

Avoid Over-Sitting

Sitting down may be relaxing. However, over-sitting is bad for your back and neck. It puts stress on your back and neck muscles and discs. Because of this, it can lead to a sore, stiff spine, and back pain.

Also, the longer you are sitting at your desk, the more likely you will begin to slouch in your chair. Poor posture can cause the ligaments in your spine to stretch, straining your spinal discs.

To help prevent back pain, give yourself breaks throughout the day. Try to stand up at least once every hour. Take a walk around the room. Getting out of your chair will refresh your mind and give your body a break. Also, try to stretch your back periodically and change your seating position when you can.

Straighten Out Your Neck

Do you need to look at a lot of physical documents or look at your computer screen? You want to have what you are viewing at a comfortable level.

How you hold your head up can have a big impact on your neck and back. Make sure your monitor is not in an uncomfortable position. If it is at an angle, causing you to turn your neck, it will result in neck pain. Adjust your screen’s angle or prop it up on some books to bring it up to eye-level.

Constantly looking up and down at documents on your table can also cause pain. Try some neck stretches or a document holder to prop up your papers.

Keep Your Feet Flat

Bad posture will lead to back pains. It increases strain on the muscles and bones in your back as well as other parts of your body. How can you fix your posture? You can keep your feet flat when you sit at your desk.

When you dangle your feet or put them under your chair, it adds pressure to certain parts of your body. Instead, try to keep your feet flat on the floor when you are sitting in your chair. It is a simple way to help promote good posture.

Are you experiencing back pain or soreness? Make an appointment at Access Health today or contact us for more information on back pain.

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