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Simple Posture Correction Exercises You Can Do Anywhere While Standing or Sitting

Maintaining good posture is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Dynamic posture refers to how you hold yourself while moving. Static posture is how you hold yourself when not moving, and the position of your spine is central to both. But what should you do if you believe you have bad posture? Fortunately, there are simple posture correction exercises that can be performed anywhere, either from a standing or sitting position.

Adverse Effects Linked to Bad Posture

If you are not standing or sitting correctly you are opening yourself up to possible pain and injury.

Here are a few of the adverse effects that may be attributable to bad posture.

  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Pain in the neck area.
  • Pain in your shoulders.
  • Pain in the hips.
  • Pain located in your wrist or elbows.
  • Pain centered in your ankles or knees.

Simple Posture Correction Exercises You Can Perform Sitting or Standing

Sitting for extended periods of time due to work or study is not conducive to good posture. Standing up and stretching your muscles, periodically, is a good health habit to cultivate. Here are just a few of the many recommended posture correction exercises available that do not require lying on the floor or use of floor mats or stretch bands.

1. Tuck in Your Chin

With your back and neck straightly aligned, roll your shoulders back and tuck your chin in as far as you are able. With eyes and nose forward facing, hold this position for 2-5 seconds. Repeat this sequence 10 times.

2. Squeeze Your Shoulder Blades

With back and neck held straight, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold that position for five seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

3. Stretch Your Hip Flexor

Kneel on one knee with your opposite foot flat and in front of you. With both hands placed on the thigh of your extended leg, press your hip forward. Tip your pelvis back while contracting your abdominal muscles and hold the position for 20-30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

4. Loosen Your Chest Muscles

Stand in a doorway and lift one arm parallel to the floor. With elbow bent and fingers pointing towards, use this hand to press against the door jamb. Push and hold for 5-10 seconds. Switch arms and repeat this exercise 2-3 times for each arm.

Just performing these four simple exercises can do wonders for your posture and your health. However, visiting a chiropractor will assist in achieving your pain relief goals faster and retaining results. Our team here at Access To Health Chiropractic Center Norwich can perform adjustments to ease your pain and keep you moving forward! Click here if it is time for an appointment. 

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