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Jan 2023

Adjusting to 2023

Every year is like a reset button where you get to replay the game from square one.   It can be difficult, especially after the Holiday rush. Some people have traveled long distances to be with family. Others may have been in charge of kitchen duties. Even if you s

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Dec 2022

Holiday Travel Tips When Suffering from Back Pain

Many people prepare for long road trips or flights to celebrate with loved ones as the holiday season approaches. However, traveling can be a source of significant discomfort and inconvenience for those suffering from back pain.   If you’re one of those back-

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Nov 2022

7 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries During the Holiday Season

We often envision a time for relaxation and enjoyment when we think of the holidays. I bet you a thousand bucks that you never considered back injuries tart of the joyous occasion. However, back injuries during the holidays are more common than you think. When you suffe

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