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How to Prevent Injuries in Sports

Youth sports injuries are extremely common. The more contact in a sport, the more risk there will be of traumatic injury. However, studies show that youth sports injuries are mostly due to overuse of the body. Here are some basics on how these kinds of injuries can be prevented.

1. Take time off

In order to prevent injuries, you need to have time off. Children and teens tend to want to always be on the move and don’t realize that they need time to relax. If your child plays sports, make sure he/she has one day off per week so the muscles can rest.

2. Use protective gear

Every sport requires the right protective gear, so make sure your child has it. Whether it’s a facemask, knee pads, or a heart guard, this kind of equipment is absolutely vital to your child’s well-being. Before the sports season begins, make sure you go shopping with your children and buy them the protective gear they need.

3. Don’t play through the pain

Make sure your child understands that pain is a sign to stop playing. Severe pain is a sign of injury. Even in the middle of a game, pain needs to be recognized. No one should continue playing in the middle of severe pain.

4. Drink plenty of fluids

Staying hydrated plays a large part in preventing injury. Being dehydrated can cause lethargy, which by default can cause injuries. If they are tired, children might move the wrong way or put too much weight on one side of the body versus the other, and an injury might occur. Make sure your child has plenty of fluids before, during, and after their games and practices.

5. Remember to stretch

Stretching is important because it will prepare the body for a lot of movement. Playing sports will cause muscle tension, and it’s important to loosen everything up for before a game or a practice. Stretching will also increase flexibility, and make the rest of sports training a little easier. Children and teens tend to skip over-stretching unless they are being told, so it’s important that their coaches and parents reiterate the importance of stretching every day.

Preventing injuries is more important than playing the sport

These are just a few ways that you can help your child avoid sports-related injuries. Keep in mind that the health and well-being of your child take precedence over continuing activity within any sport, and should always be taken seriously.

If a sports injury has occurred chiropractic care can help you or your child heal correctly. Access to Health can provide this care for you. Click here if you would like to set up an appointment to review a chiropractic treatment plan. 


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