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How Massage can Improve your Health

MassageIn one form or another, massage therapy has been in existence as a practice of healing for thousands of years. It was learned early on that the simple act of touching, rubbing and kneading was powerful enough to positively impact one’s internal and external self. The human body is largely a self-healing device; by gently manipulating the muscles and tissues, the process not only relaxes the area, it also balances and heals. Below are a few health benefits of massage.

Health Benefits of Massage:

1. Enhances immunity: Regular massage can enhance one’s immunity by stimulating the lymph system.

2. Stimulates circulation: Increased circulation aids the body by deterring the formation of blood clots and clogged arteries. Additionally, the increased flow can also help the body fight off free radicals while also supporting oxygen reach.

3. Natural Muscle relaxer: Massage can relax overworked and tight muscles.

4. Aids in recovery: Massage therapy can speed up recovery by promoting tissue renewal.

5. Balances skin’s PH: Ongoing massage sessions can enhance the integrity of the skin by warding off signs of cellulite and premature aging. Additionally, massaging can promote the shed of dead skin cells.

6. Alters the mood: Massaging helps to release good-mood endorphins which can alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

7. Natural pain reliever: Massage has been used to treat almost every type of pain including back pain, migraines and menstrual pain.

8. Natural sleep aid: Massage therapy can enhance the quality of sleep.

9. Supports a healthy GI tract: The stress relieving attributes of massage can aid the GI tract in many ways – it encourages the release of enzymes that promote good flora and healthy digestion. Additionally, massage can help regulate bowel movements and decrease bloat and gas.

10. Promotes hair growth: Head massages can stimulate the circulation of the scalp which can encourage abundant hair growth and strong follicles.

The most valuable benefit of massage therapy is the fact that it can eradicate the need for synthetic medication while helping you look and feel your best.

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