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Naturopathy and Healthy Eating Habits


Naturopathy embraces a holistic approach to maintaining good health and healing the self through non-invasive methods that do not involve taking synthetic drugs. An essential aspect of naturopathy asserts that eating “whole” foods is a mainstay of preventing illnesses and infections while contributing to weight loss and systemic well-being.

What are Whole Foods?Naturopathy

Perfect and complete as nature intended, whole foods provide us with the vital nutrients we need–vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, “good” fats and sugar for energy. Whole foods have not been refined or modified in any way, which makes them easier for our bodies to digest, absorb and use for energy purposes. Usually seasonal and locally grown for maximum freshness, whole foods have not been contaminated with additives, chemicals or pesticides, which makes them perfect examples of naturopathic foods.

Weight loss Through Naturopathy

Optimizing your metabolic rate not only promotes weight loss but also means that you are eating a balanced, naturopathic diet. When sustained by nutrient-rich calories, every one of your body’s systems are whirring away at peak efficiency. Naturopathic weight loss diets also include drinking several ounces of purified water each day, opting for whole grain foods (did you know that over 20 nutrients are removed from “enriched” flour items?) and using cold-pressed, organic oil to ensure you are getting enough essential fatty acids.

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