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Aug 2015

How to Avoid Pain & Injury From Heavy Backpacks

The back-to-school season is here, and along with it comes a sales spike in back-to-school supplies across the nation. Heavy backpacks provide a potentially dangerous situation. Pain in the lower back is the most common pain associated with a school backpack that is ove

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Jul 2015

The Truth About Acupuncture and How it Can Help You.

Many people can’t help but shudder when they hear the word “acupuncture.” They think of needles and pain and refuse to take the time to understand how it works. There are more truths than myths to the benefits of having acupuncture as part of your health regim

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Jun 2015

Seasonal Bounty: Eating Healthy During the Summertime

Eating healthy in-season fruits, vegetables and herbs provides your body with the greatest concentration of vitamins and minerals available from those ingredients. As the produce sits in storage, it slowly loses its ability to transfer nutrients into your system. To mai

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