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Mar 2022

The Importance of Bone Health

Bones are at the root of most living creatures. Their importance is felt not only in the way we move but in the way we speak to one another. When we describe how something can affect us deeply, we often refer to feeling it to the bone.   Healthy bones consist of ca

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Jan 2022

Ways to Prevent Ice-Related Back Injuries

Injuries related to slipping and falling on ice are common every Winter, especially in the Northeast. Thousands of people experience injuries related to slipping on the ice in the United States alone, and most of these injuries affect the back. As the snow begins to fol

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Jan 2022

Shoveling Snow Tips

As snowfall is increasing, back injuries are on the rise as well. That’s no coincidence.    The activity of shoveling snow can exacerbate your existing problems or even create new back problems that you’ll have to deal with. The injuries stemming from the action i

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