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Jun 2015

Seasonal Bounty: Eating Healthy During the Summertime

Eating healthy in-season fruits, vegetables and herbs provides your body with the greatest concentration of vitamins and minerals available from those ingredients. As the produce sits in storage, it slowly loses its ability to transfer nutrients into your system. To mai

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May 2015

Relieve Your Plantar Fasciitis With Chiropractic Care

It is a commercial break, and you want to grab a snack before your television program comes back on. As you get up from the couch and place your foot on the floor, you feel a sharp pain and find it difficult to walk. What you may have just experienced is called plantar

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Apr 2015

Massage Care For Spring Activities

Spring’s warmer weather and abundance of sunshine make it a great time to exercise outdoors. Whether you’re heading to the local trails for some hiking, doing some biking in your neighborhood or jogging around the block, it’s important to make sure you

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