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Fall Prevention

Falling in the home makes up about one-third of falls that occur. There are many reasons why falls happen, especially for those who are older as a person’s hearing and eyesight may start to deteriorate. While there are many things that can cause one to fall, there are many precautions one can take to prevent them. Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent falls.

Check Your Home for Safety Hazards

You may not even realize all of the safety hazards within your home. But it is most common for individuals to trip and fall due to items being left on the floor. Falls can also occur as a result of not lifting your feet high enough when walking. If your home has stairs, that can also create a safety hazard as individuals could easily trip and fall on them. Area rugs can also prove to be dangerous, especially if the edges curl upwards. The best course of action to prevent falls is to remove as many safety hazards as possible.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising can help you maintain and promote better balance, preventing more accidents. It can also help strengthen your body, as well as increase better coordination and flexibility. Exercising is always a good idea when trying to improve your health, and in this case, prevent future accidents from happening.

Review Medications

If you take certain medications the side effects may be making you dizzy, lightheaded, and unstable. Medications that are most likely to give you a higher risk of falling are psychotropics, antiarrhythmics, diuretics, and sedatives. Your risk of falling also increases if you take multiple medications and drink alcohol, take medications that serve as sleeping aids, take painkillers or cough suppressants.

Fall prevention should be something that we are continually thinking about. Even when walking amongst the fall leaves, we must be careful that we don’t trip over sticks that could be hidden inside the pile. If you have experienced a fall and have been hurt, consider seeing a chiropractor to help begin the healing process. Make an appointment with us at Access to Health Chiropractor Center today!

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