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Massage Care For Spring Activities

Massage CareSpring’s warmer weather and abundance of sunshine make it a great time to exercise outdoors. Whether you’re heading to the local trails for some hiking, doing some biking in your neighborhood or jogging around the block, it’s important to make sure your muscles are in good shape. One of the most effective ways to do so is by getting a massage.

How a Massage Helps Your Muscles

Exercise helps you stay healthy, but it can also leave you with sore, achy muscles. While this is a normal effect of workouts, it can make it harder for you to follow a regular exercise routine. Massages help ease muscle tension, which relieves pain and soreness caused by workouts. Your muscles will also become more flexible, which helps you exercise with a better range-of-motion and reduces your risk of tearing a muscle while working out.

Added Benefits

In addition to providing pain relief and improved flexibility, massages offer the following benefits that will help you perform your spring activities:


  • Faster Recovery Time: When you have massage care done on a regular basis, your body will be able to recover from workouts faster. This makes it easier for you to do physical activities day after day.
  • Less Stress: Stress can leave you feeling drained, making it harder for you to find the energy you need to work out. Massages help reduce stress and anxiety, which helps ensure that you’ll have the energy and motivation to follow your spring workout routine.
  • Improved Circulation: Having a massage done helps keep your circulatory system in good shape, so it will deliver much-needed oxygen to your tissues and organs to keep you going during a strenuous workout.


If you or a loved one has massage care needs, contact Jim at Access to Health Chiropractic Center to schedule a massage. Jim specializes in sports massage, deep tissue massage, and also works with trigger point therapy massage. Download your massage registration form by clicking here.

What has been the most beneficial part of a massage for you? Was it for relaxation, or to help with better physical mobility? Share your experience with us in the box below!

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