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Afraid of Extra Holiday Weight? Turn to Ideal Weight Loss!

Ideal Weight Loss Norwich CTThanksgiving is the holiday for expressing gratitude for all of the greatness in our lives. It is also the first opportunity to participate in the ritual of holiday feasting. Breaking bread with loved ones during the season brings in around 3,000 calories per holiday meal for the average American. It’s thought that pre and post dinner drinks and snacking can add 1,500 calories bringing the total to 4,500 calories, on average, for a single meal.

Holiday Weight Gain is Real

If you are afraid of gaining weight during the holidays your fears are certainly justified. According to a recent study, most Americans do put on weight over the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving and continuing through the New Year. With more than 68.8% of us already classified as overweight or obese, this is a particular concern. Though for anyone concerned with holiday weight gain, experts agree you must have a strategy.

Strategic Tips to Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


  • Don’t Starve Yourself Before a Big Meal: Never arrive at a holiday dinner, gathering, or party hungry. Snack on high protein foods beforehand such as almonds, walnuts, Greek yogurt, or string cheese. Not only will you eat less, it will help you will stay full longer.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake: Often these beverages are loaded with empty calories and high in sugar. Even ‘light’ beer contains unnecessary carbohydrates and calories, so drink in moderation.
  • Pace Yourself: Don’t go straight for the food. Have a low-calorie beverage or water to start. Determine how long the event will last and have a plan to eat at certain intervals leading up to and after the dinner.
  • Make Smart Choices for Dessert: Antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, dipped fruit, and nuts are all viable options. Having the occasional slice of sweet apple pie won’t overly tilt the scale, but any more than that and you’ll probably regret it later.
  • Beware of a ‘Food Coma’: It’s common practice for many to succumb to fatigue after ingesting a hefty holiday meal. Make a plan to do something active instead of lying down and watching TV after any large meal.


Make ‘Ideal Weight Loss’ Part of Your Holiday Strategy

Ideal Weight Loss of Eastern Connecticut offers the newest technology, including the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. Along with weekly consultation, information from this high-tech scale aids the professional staff in determining the best nutritional plans, personalized for each individual.

Ideal Weight Loss has a dedicated staff that is trained to offer support and personalized coaching. The program is designed not only to help you lose weight but also arm you with valuable information that will lead to long-term and sustainable weight loss. The education and support offered at Ideal Weight Loss, is unsurpassed. You aren’t simply losing weight, you are training for a new way of life!

It can be easy to overindulge during the holidays, but with will power and the proper diet plan in place, you won’t have to worry about extra pounds being on your list of concerns this Thanksgiving.

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