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Most people initially seek chiropractic care due to an accident or injury. At Access to Health, our training is designed to


Massage has been beneficial to an incredible amount of people. Whether it’s to relax or to reduce pain


Naturopathic Medicine has traditional roots. It was used worldwide in centuries past as a main method of healing.



Access to Health Chiropractic Center is located in the heart of Norwich. Located on West Main Street, just a minute down the road from the Shop Rite Plaza, Access to Health is convenient and easily accessible to our clients. With a professionally licensed staff, we are dedicated to providing you the


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Our Practitioners

Michael Allard D.C

A lifelong resident of Connecticut, Dr. Allard pe

James Bradham, LMT

James Bradham is a licensed massage therapist. He

Chrissy Davis-Allen, N.D.

Chrissy Davis-Allen is a naturopathic physician an