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How Chiropractic Care Can Boost Your Heart Health

If you experience back or neck pain, you may consider visiting a chiropractor. That seems self-evident. However, did you know that chiropractic care can improve other aspects of your health as well? It’s true. Because February is Heart Health Month, today we’re going to focus on the connection between your heart and spine and how chiropractic care can boost your heart health.

A Holistic System

None of the functions your body performs occur in a vacuum. They’re all connected, and they influence each other to various degrees, so when one part of your system is performing well, others are likely to follow.

Your heart and spine are no exception. Because your spine and the nerves branching off it are the primary way in which your body communicates with your brain, any issue in spinal alignment, movement, or position can lead to lost information or miscommunication.

Lower Blood Pressure

As far as specific benefits of chiropractic care for your heart health go, a 2008 study from the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine suggests that one form of a chiropractic adjustment may lower blood pressure in some individuals. That’s exciting news because high blood pressure can be dangerous and difficult to control.

High blood pressure is also one of the main risk factors for developing heart disease because of the strain it puts on your cardiovascular system. It can also lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and even vascular dementia.

Despite the risks, nearly one in three Americans have high blood pressure, and less than half the people who have high blood pressure are successfully controlling their condition. Decreasing the sodium in your diet, exercising more, losing weight, reducing stress, and giving up smoking are all generally recommended activities to help lower blood pressure. Some of those activities are easier to do than others, so adding regular chiropractic care to your routine will likely be beneficial.

Other Potential Benefits

Many people swear by regular chiropractic care and the health benefits they see from it. Everything from decreased risk of heart attack, lower pulse, and a decrease in anxiety have been reported.

Further studies are needed to confirm these claims. Still, anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that chiropractic care can improve your heart health as well as your overall sense of well-being.

Take care of yourself this winter. Be sure to reach out to Access to Health Chiropractic Center if you need chiropractic care and have a happy—and healthy—Heart Health Month.

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