The Best Yard Work Tips To Avoid Back Pain

The Best Yard Work Tips To Avoid Back Pain in Norwich CT

The Best Yard Work Tips To Avoid Back Pain

Yes! Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes the promise of new growth and life in your outdoor space. After a New England winter, your yard likely needs some work!

Even if doing yard work causes you to experience the occasional backache, there is no need to be afraid. With the help of the practical advice in this article, you can complete the outside tasks without physical discomfort.

Here, we explain how you can approach your yard work in Norwich CT with extra care to keep your back feeling fine.

10 Tips to Prevent Back Pain From Yard Work In Norwich CT

Does your yard make your neighbors envious? Or do you just like to keep things looking ship shape for the community?

It doesn’t matter what type of homeowner you are– gardening and yard work can be a real pain!

After a few hours of yard work, lower back pain is a common complaint. If you’re not careful, weeding, mowing, digging, raking, planting, and mulching can strain or pull your back muscles.

To help you stay healthy all summer long, we’ve compiled this list of 10-yard work tips to avoid back pain.

1. Make sure you warm up before you begin

Warm up your muscles and circulation by doing some dynamic exercises. Walk briskly for 5–10 minutes around the yard, do jumping jacks, and walk lunges and arm circles.

2. Stay hydrated

Water is essential for the optimal functioning of muscles.

Maintaining your body’s water levels during use allows your muscles to coordinate and supports your physical activity. Having adequate water levels in your body can prevent muscle cramps, spasms, and dehydration.

3. Put your equipment to work for you

It is much easier to rearrange the potted plants on your deck, patio or porch if you place them on rolling plant stands so that they can be easily moved around. You can use a dolly, wheelbarrow, or tractor to assist you when moving heavier items.

4. Make use of your mower

The act of mowing your lawn is not only helpful in keeping grassy areas presentable but is also a form of aerobic exercise. Sadly, pushing the mower may result in muscle tension, stiffness, or back spasms. Consider switching to a self-propelled or riding mower if mowing leaves you in pain.

5. Taking weeds out

If you bend over at the waist for extended periods of time, your back muscles will begin to complain. Instead, kneel on a rubber gardening mat, sit on a wheeled gardening stool, or directly on the ground while weeding.

6. The lifting process

Reach down with your knees and hips (not your back) when lifting bags of dirt, mulch, or potted plants. Your buttocks and legs provide the power for your lift. Make small piles of grass, leaves, or other yard waste when you pick them up.

7. Don’t push yourself too hard

You may be able to lift those large paving stones by yourself, but is it a good idea?

If you know you’ll have difficulty carrying objects, even a few feet, ask for help. You may not notice any problems immediately, but soreness and pain can occur shortly afterward.

8. Supportive shoes are a must

You can put a lot of strain on your feet and legs while doing yard work. Support for your feet and arch can prevent strains from reaching your back. Wear supportive shoes rather than sandals and flip-flops.

9. Allow yourself to take a break

It is less likely that you will suffer an injury if you take your time. If you push yourself too hard, you might get sloppy with your lifting technique and posture, putting yourself at risk of injury.

10. Take a moment to bend and stretch

Staying in one position for too long can cause muscle and joint pain. Hunching over to weed the flower bed or stain the deck can cause back and neck pain. To work out the kinks in your body, you need to stand and stretch every 20 minutes.

Working in the yard can be a great way to stay active and enjoy yourself at the same time. However, taking care of your body while engaging in these activities is important.

By following these yard work tips to avoid back pain, you can minimize the risk of back aches while getting all your yard work done.

With proper precautions and safety measures in place, you can both take care of your garden without suffering from injuries or over-exertion.

If you find that you encounter consistent lower back issues or other pains after gardening and would like some relief, there is no reason to wait.

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