Chiropractic Care And Blood Circulation

Chiropractic Care And Blood Circulation in Norwich CT

Chiropractic Care And Blood Circulation

When you hear the term chiropractic, what comes to mind first?

Spinal adjustment?

Muscle problems?

Bones popping?

Chiropractic care helps cater to these physical concerns, but there is more to chiropractic than the musculoskeletal. Recent developments suggest that this alternative medicine helps the body’s circulatory system.

This article explains the relationship between chiropractic care and blood circulation. Keep reading because who knows? Next time you feel pins and needles or need help with your circulation, chiropractic care in Norwich CT may get the job done.

But first…

What are the Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation In Norwich CT?

Knowing the problem is half the solution. But how do we approach a physical ailment if we do not even understand what we are against?

Poor blood circulation is more common in people than many realize. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be dealing with poor circulation under the hood:

  • Numbness or tingling of the limbs
  • Throbbing or sharp pain in extremities
  • Cramps
  • Swelling feet
  • Development of ulcer in the lower legs
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in concentrating

The thing is, poor circulation is not a medical condition on its own. But sometimes, it occurs as a result of other health problems you may have, like:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Blood clots
  • Varicose veins

Chiropractic care and blood circulation have a common denominator— the spine. While chiropractic care cannot magically remove your health problems, it can help manage the symptoms of poor circulation that come along with them.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Manage Poor Circulation?

Have you noticed a body part turn red and swollen after getting an injury?

Inflammatory response results in increased blood flow toward the injured area to transfer more nutrients and white blood cells. It is the body’s way of facilitating a faster healing process.

But where does that leave other body parts?

Extremities like the arms and legs get the short end of the stick in the blood’s circulation. Since they are farthest from the heart, blood flow is slowest in these areas. Adding a bodily injury into the equation further limits the circulation to your extremities. As a result, victims suffer the consequences.

In this context, when your spine has asphyxiation or a misaligned disc, your spinal nerves get swollen. This reduces overall blood flow resulting in the symptoms mentioned above.

This is primarily why chiropractic care and blood circulation work side by side.

But spinal adjustment services are only the tip of the iceberg.

Massage therapy observed in chiropractic care releases muscles and pushes blood toward and away the heart, increasing the body’s circulatory response. Stretching techniques also help circulation by improving the body’s flexibility and mobility and eliminating physical stiffness.

One of the leading chiropractic care services for blood flow is ultrasound therapy. The machine uses high-frequency sound waves to penetrate the body’s tissues, reducing swelling and increasing circulation.

Is Chiropractic Care a Permanent Solution?

No, like riding a bike without proper running gear, you will still get wounds and bruises when you fall down. In chiropractic care, improper habits like excessive sitting, wrong sleeping positions, and lack of bodily movement deaden the body’s circulatory system.

It would be best if you implemented good habits to preserve your good blood flow. Additionally, regular visits to a certified chiropractor help keep your circulatory system in check.

Reliable MD can help you with this.

If you think you suffer from poor blood flow and experiencing the associated pains, let us take away that suffering. Book an appointment with the chiropractic care experts from Reliable MD and get your blood flowing smoothly throughout your whole body!

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