5 Signs Of A Pinched Nerve In Norwich CT

5 Signs Of A Pinched Nerve in Norwich CT

5 Signs Of A Pinched Nerve In Norwich CT

Have you ever experienced a pinched nerve? Or were you not sure it was a pinched nerve?

You may be surprised that pinched nerves in Norwich CT are very common and can cause pain in many different areas of the body. A pinched nerve can be caused when surrounding tissues (bones, muscles, tendons, etc.) put too much pressure on a nerve, leading to discomfort, numbness, and pain.


At Access to Health, we can help you gain relief from a pinched nerve through our chiropractic care! First, we will provide you with different signs to look out for to tell if you have a pinched nerve.


When a nerve has too much pressure, it can stop communicating with the rest of your body, including your arms, legs, and hands. Because of this, you can feel numb and tingly in different body parts.

Pain when moving

When you move from different positions, it is expected (if you have a pinched nerve) to feel discomfort and pain. Pain may reduce when leaning forward or lying completely flat on your back. The best way to relieve this pain is to call Access to Health and get a consult and care today!

Pain or burning feeling throughout your legs

When your sciatic nerve is pinched, it can cause a feeling of burning or pain down your legs. A sciatic nerve is a nerve that sits in your lower back pain and, when pinched, can cause various symptoms, including burning sensations down the leg.

A loss of grip strength

Your hand nerves are vital to your everyday life, and when a nerve is pinched, it can cause a loss of ability to grip and hold items. The nerves in your hand help send signals to the brain and vice versa, so when a nerve is pinched in your spine, this can cause difficulty writing and challenges with small-motor tasks.

Pain throughout your neck and arms

Your cervical spine can be highly affected when you have a nerve in your neck experiencing too much pressure. This irritation can cause mass amounts of discomfort throughout your neck, upper back, shoulders, and down your arms. This is another highly likely side effect of a pinched nerve.

What is the best way to avoid all the pain of a pinched nerve? Make an appointment with Access to Health if you believe you have a pinched nerve or are experiencing any of these symptoms. We are here to help you!

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