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7 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries During the Holiday Season

7 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries During the Holiday Season

We often envision a time for relaxation and enjoyment when we think of the holidays. I bet you a thousand bucks that you never considered back injuries tart of the joyous occasion. However, back injuries during the holidays are more common than you think. When you suffer from one, the sweet and cheery season can quickly turn the holiday spirit sour.


What exactly is the connection between back injuries and the holidays? Access To Health shares some valuable tips on preventing back injuries this holiday season in this article. But before we delve into those, let’s first cut through the smoke screen.

Holidays and Back Injuries: What’s the Connection?

Well, the holiday season often brings a season of chill along with an abundance of activities. All these can take a toll on your back if not done correctly or when you fail to give your back the protection it needs.


Two principal culprits cause back injuries during the holiday season:


Who doesn’t like to see clusters of red and green during Christmas? The coming weeks are an excellent time to get the house decorated in time for these occasions. Moreover, homeowners need to take down their Halloween cobwebs and spooky designs.


The problem is that decorating could be a risky activity. Data suggests that the average number of Christmas decoration accidents per year is 13,428. That means it’s a problem.

Cold Weather

Cold weather is another cause of back injuries during the holidays. During winter, muscles tend to stiffen up, which may worsen back injuries if not cause them.


Here are tips to avoid or soothe back injuries during the Holiday season.

Tips to Avoid or Soothe Back Injuries

Use proper lifting technique

Ensure that your legs are the ones doing the lifting and you’re keeping your back straight as a board. Keep the object close to your body and don’t twist or turn suddenly while lifting. Leaning forward or bending to the side may put your spine out of alignment. Limbering up before any strenuous activity is a big help.

Don’t force it

Stop forcing yourself to reach things. Use stools, ladders or chairs when decorating high surfaces to avoid straining your back. Of course, make sure they’re sturdy enough to support your weight.

Grab some support

You can work on decorations with others. If people at home are feeling lazy because of the holiday vibes, pull them from the couch and ask for support. The younger and more robust ones can work on back-straining tasks.

Apply hot packs to the injured area

Hot packs, hot wraps, heating pads, and warm towels are proven to relieve pain in injured areas. Use them as much as needed.

Stay active

Inactivity works in favor of back pain. Swimming in hot pools or hot springs could help. Avoid being sedentary and remain active with your daily operations.

Use appropriate winter clothing.

The cold can easily seep through clothes. Use layers of clothes to keep your back warm, and wear boots to prevent slips and falls.

Keep your home warm

Sleeping is a vulnerable state for back injuries. Make sure your heater is functional, and you use comforters or layers of blankets when you sleep. This will keep your back from stiffening up during snooze time.


Access To Health wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Should you ever need help, book an appointment for a back adjustment.


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