Holiday Travel Tips When Suffering From Back Pain

Holiday Travel Tips When Suffering From Back Pain in Norwich CT

Holiday Travel Tips When Suffering From Back Pain

Many people prepare for long road trips or flights to celebrate with loved ones as the holiday season approaches. However, traveling can be a source of significant discomfort and inconvenience for those suffering from back pain in Norwich CT.

If you’re one of those back-pain backpackers, here are some back-pain holiday travel tips to help make your journey as pain-free and stress-free as possible.

Our Tips for Travelers in Norwich CT

Grab the best seats

When traveling by air, it is essential to pick the best seats to minimize back pain. Book your flight early so you can choose your preferred seat number.

Moreover, choosing aisle seats gives you more freedom to stretch your back and take quick strolls during the flight. Plus, you won’t have to walk over people, which would have been bad news for your back pain.

Here’s a pro tip: get a seat toward the front of the plane because they tend to have less turbulence due to high pressure at the back of the aircraft.

If you have the funds or reward points to spare, upgrading from coach to business or first class is the best comfort for your back.

Avoid the peak season

Traveling, especially during the holidays, is all about timing and precision. Avoid flights that fall on or before weekends, as people tend to rush during this time. Conversely, midweeks are less busy, allowing you to avoid long check-in and security lines.

Suppose you’re one to hit the highway; avoid heavily congested traffic by not traveling during rush hour. Believe it or not, sitting in traffic is unsuitable for back pains.

Breeze through airport security

Breezing through airport security is possible when you know the right moves. One tip is to get to the airport early, ideally an hour or two before your flight departs. This gives you plenty of time to navigate the long lines and get through security without feeling rushed.

You may also contact TSA Cares at 855-787-2227 for tips on getting through security quickly. Let them know your condition, and they may assign a helper at the airport. Alternatively, you may ask for an airline pass to allow your helper through security without a ticket.

A doctor’s note or a Transportation Security Administration notification card (obtainable online) can help!

Wheelchair your way through

You’re not required to use a wheelchair, but when suffering from physical injury, wheelchairs can be a saving grace back-pain holiday travel tip. Plus, it’s free!

When you buy your ticket, look for the option to reserve a wheelchair. If the option is unavailable, request one at the airport. Allow yourself some time because it may take a few minutes before they can get you the wheelchair and have the correct personnel in place to help you.

While the service is free, a tip could go a long way in making your helper’s day a little better!

Travel light and use wheels

Following the wheelchair principle, navigating through snaking lines is always easier with wheels. Make sure to keep your back from strain by using a rolling suitcase. Furthermore, if there’s a way to have your things shipped ahead of you to the hotel or cruise ship, do it.

Pack your comfort

Your comfort is your priority. Ensure you have heat wraps, cold packs, a small pillow, and some soothing creams to ease your pain during travel. Always double-check your hand carry and make sure everything’s there!

Connecting flight vs. direct flight

Should you choose a more extended flight that cuts your travel time? Or are you okay with having layovers where you can walk around and stretch your back? That’s another thing to consider when traveling.

Connecting flights is helpful to give your back some recovery periods. However, both have their pros and cons. Weigh things out and assess yourself for better judgment.

We hope these back pain holiday travel tips serve you well this Holiday Season!

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