Backpacks: Avoid Back Problems!

Backpacks: Avoid Back Problems in Norwich CT

Backpacks: Avoid Back Problems!

Now that our children are back to school, it is essential to consider more than just their academic success. Filled with heavy books, utensils, and assignments, backpacks can cause severe back pain in children and young adults. Placing strain on the back and shoulders, backpacks are one of the leading causes of back pain in Norwich CT for school-aged children.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do as their parent to help prevent or relieve back pain caused by backpacks.

Pediatric Back Pain In Norwich CT

Put simply, our children are still growing. Therefore, it is important to consider the strain that a backpack can have on the back, shoulders, and neck. In fact, back pain is one of the most common complaints among children and adolescents.

So how can you help your child avoid back pain caused by backpacks?

Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain Caused by Backpacks

Your child’s back is important for a number of reasons. But how can you ensure it’s protected while your child is not around?

Here are four things to consider when choosing a backpack for your child:


The weight of your child’s backpack will vary depending on their age, size, and the activities they are using it for. However, a good rule of thumb is that it should not be more than 10 percent of their body weight.

If your child is having trouble carrying their backpack, consider removing some of the items inside. You can also encourage the use of a locker so that they don’t have to carry everything with them all the time. By lightening the load on their back, you can help prevent short and long-term back pain.


How your child’s backpack fits is just as important as how much it weighs. While choosing a backpack for your child, make sure that the straps are adjustable so that they can be fitted to their body. Additionally, ensure that the backpack is big enough to evenly distribute the weight.


Your child’s backpack should sit evenly in the middle of their back. It should not sag down below the waistline or sit up too high on the back. Additionally, ensure that the backpack is packed with heavier items close to the back panel. Carrying a backpack on one shoulder or with uneven weight distribution can lead to severe back and shoulder pain.


When shopping for a backpack, be sure to choose one with supportive padding and other features. Padded shoulder straps will help evenly distribute the weight and reduce back pain. Other features such as a chest or waist strap can also help by transferring some of the weight to other areas of the body. To fully eliminate back strain, try using a backpack with wheels. This will allow you to roll the backpack rather than carry it on your back.

What to Do if Your Child Complains of Back Pain

If your child is complaining of back pain, you may want to see a chiropractor to evaluate their back and spine. To relieve the pain, the chiropractor may recommend exercises, stretches, or a massage. If the back pain is severe, your child may need further treatment, such as chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy.

By providing support for your child’s back, your child can achieve academic success and safety. To schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors today, book an appointment with Access To Health Chiropractic Center today.

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